About Click Frenzy

What is Click Frenzy? A virtual door-busting, 24 hour stampede across cyberspace. Masses of online retail shoppers converging on the site. You want to be part of this, so get in touch.

Click Frenzy burst onto the scene in November 2012 as Australia?s first landmark national online sales event.

7pm Tuesday, November 20, 2012, launched the first real sale that stops the nation, two weeks after the Race That Stops The Nation, the world famous Melbourne Cup.

Every year since, on the third Tuesday in November, Click Frenzy becomes the focal point of retail in Australia – a 24-hour online shopping mega-sale that captures national attention. Think Boxing Day Sales on digital steroids!

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Brought to you by Global Marketplace, Click Frenzy is modelled on the phenomenally successful Cyber Monday in the US.

Cyber Monday was launched as a way for online retailers to capitalise on the Thanksgiving Holiday ?Black Friday? phenomenon. Black Friday (following the Thanksgiving Day feast on the last Thursday in November) is the biggest retail sales day on the US calendar. Now, Cyber Monday (following that weekend) is the biggest online sales event in the US, growing explosively every year.

Click Frenzy events centralise hundreds of the absolute best online deals in one location for one frenzied 24 hour period. Customers can search for deals across a user-friendly online marketplace built to withstand enormous concurrent traffic volumes.

Search by category, brand, product name, item or just browse the unbelievable range of deals to be had.

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