Be Prepared!

Be Prepared!

Click Frenzy’s annual online mega sale is ‘tiptoeing nearer’… you’ve logged on in the past, or spoken to friends who have picked up products at a fraction of their usual price and this year you’re all set to take the best advantage of the sales. Or are you?


We’ve popped together this quick refresher guide to help you make the most of the 24-hour time frame and make your online shopping experience as seamless as possible.


It’s as easy as following these 5 simple steps:


click frenzy

Make sure you subscribe online to the Click Frenzy Website.

Once you’re subscribed that’s all you have to do! There will be no login details or password required for the night of the sale and you will receive reminder emails in the lead up to the event with sneak peaks into the fantastic deals that will be on offer.



payment options

Make sure your Credit Cards and Pay Pal accounts are charged and ready to go!

The last thing you want is to find the PERFECT pair of jeans on sale and realise that you’ve not left room in your budget to buy them.




Utilise the Favourites function on the website.

Go through all the deals you’re interested in and pop them into your favourites. Once you’re sure you’ve seen all the deals you may like, go back through your favourites to compare sale items and choose the best from your short list.



christmas shopping list

Make a list of all the products you’re looking to buy.

Given that Christmas is right around the corner, have your Christmas list on hand to refer to. You might find the perfect gift or gadget for your Significant Other and be able to tick them off your list well ahead of the usual Christmas Chaos. (The bonus being that it’s something you would have purchased anyway and now you’ve found it on sale! Every dollar saved, especially around Christmas time, can be so vital!)



add to cartfrustrated shopper

Once you’ve selected an item and clicked on the deal, your browser will link you through to the respective retailers website to complete your purchase.

            Things to remember:

  1. Keep track of all purchases you’ve made and note down the retailers that you made your purchases with. If you do need to get in contact with the retailer to amend or trace your purchases, it will be extremely helpful to be able to recall these details.
  2. Make sure you enter in your confirmation email correctly so you can easily track the postage and delivery of your products.


It’s as simple as that!



We look forward to seeing you all for the next Click Frenzy Event on November 15th

Mark it in your calendars today!





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