Re-gift your unwanted Christmas presents!

You’ve successfully made it through the Silly Season, all that time and effort put into buying the perfect gifts for family and friends has paid off and everyone LOVED their presents… Or did they?

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Chances are that one or two of the well-picked items that you’ve been given in the midst of all the Holiday Festivities will be packed away into a draw or cupboard and eventually thrown away, donated or re-gifted.

We’ve popped together a few ways you can put those less than desirable items to better use and de-clutter your home while doing so.


  1. Create a Hamper


Instead of storing or simply throwing away unwanted items you received as Christmas gifts, create a ‘NEW’ present with the items you have no use for. Received a candle you don’t like the scent of? Did your Aunt give you yet another bottle of perfume you don’t wear? Received a third copy of your favourite DVD from your brother? Pop them into a box with some tissue paper padding and perhaps add a packet of microwave popcorn and you’re ready to go come Mothers Day.


By taking a few odds and ends from some of the gifts you received that you were less than impressed with, you can package up a gift that will be unrecognisable as re-gifting.

If you received multiple food hampers over the holidays, once you’ve removed the products that you want, repackage all the left over items into a new Hamper that you can give to your grandparents or elderly neighbour. Chances are they will be less picky and will greatly appreciate your gift.



  1. Sell or Swap Online


Exchange the circa 1980’s style sequined handbag your mother thought would be ‘just darling’ for something you wouldn’t mind being seen in public holding or wearing.

There are multiple platforms available these days for you to make a profit from items that would otherwise have become dust collectors or take up storage space in your cupboards. From trinkets and ornaments to vases and Kitchenware’s, there really is a limit to how many of these things we need. So why not sell or swap the extra items you’ve received.


Do a sweep of your house mid January and stock pile all of the items you don’t have a use for or that you no longer feel sentimental connection to and post an add to sell them online.

After getting through the expense of the Festive season, it’s always a good time of year to find some spare change from items you no longer need.


  1. Toy swap


Did your kids receive more toys than they care for, or receive the same toy from more than one Family member? Did they immediately lose interest in their ‘old’ toys once the Christmas presents were all unwrapped?


Thankfully there are loads of social media groups dedicated to swapping toys, meaning kids can always have something ‘new’ to play with. Instead of having a stock pile of similar toys or toys that haven’t been pulled out of their packaging, swap them!

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  1. Donate to charity


A simple, fast effective way to de-clutter your home of all the unwanted extra stuff you received this Christmas, is to bundle up all items still in good condition and take it to your local charity shop.

If the idea of posting adds online or repackaging up trinkets to make new gifts seems time consuming and daunting, or if your simply feeling extra charitable, donating some of the items you no longer need or want is a fantastic way to start the year off with a good Karma boost.


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Giving gifts to our loved ones at Christmas is a great physical representation of our affection for one another and spreads joy and happiness. The giving and receiving a gift is always a lovely gesture. Although, if the gift has missed the mark slightly, passing that gift onto someone else who may appreciate it more or find a greater use for it can be just as nice.

Some last pointers on the art of re-gifting: always thank the person who you received the gift from originally and most importantly avoid gifting it right back to them! A true rookie error if ever there was one.



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