Top 10 Travel Accessories To Enhance Your Holiday

In our last blog, we talked about 17 essential items to have with you while back packing on a budget. In this article, we’re going to break down the top 1o travel accessories we believe will add a little something extra to your holidays. So here’s our list of 10 travel accessories that will bring extra luxury and organisation to your next adventure!

  1. GPS Tracker / Traceable Luggage Tag– Never Lose Your Suitcase Again!

GPS Tracker

We’re all convinced that it will never happen to us. That our bags will be safety stowed in the luggage compartment of the plane or train we’re travelling on, to be returned to us upon our arrival at our final destination. That is, until we’re the last ones standing at the conveyer belt pondering the fate of our belongings. Eliminate the fear of wasted hours spent at the ‘lost luggage’ desk, describing your ‘medium sized black suitcase with a red luggage tag’ in as much detail as you can (seriously, with all the options out there, how does everyone seem to own this one particular combination?), by attaching a GPS traceable luggage tag. You will be able to pin point the location of your wayward baggage and be reacquainted with your precious cargo (not to mention, your clean clothes) much faster!!


  1. Shelf-Closet Hanging Organizer / Inflatable Travel Hangers.

2 Shelf Closet

Now that you and your luggage have made it safely to your destination, the travel shelf/ hanging closet organizer will make the process of unpacking simple and hassle free. This straight from suitcase to wardrobe ideology, allows you to unpack your clothes with ease. Simply transfer the entire contents from your suitcase straight into the hotel closet and you’re ready to go exploring. Having a few inflatable travel hangers packed is also a great idea. Most hotels will offer one or two complimentary coat hangers, however, this isn’t always a guarantee. Having these two travel accessories with you will mean your clothes won’t remain stuffed haphazardly into your suitcase for your entire trip. In fact, they will be ready and waiting for you when you need a clean uncrumpled shirt at a moments notice.


  1. Digital Luggage Scale.

3 Digital luggage scale

A compact gadget that won’t take up much space in your bag, the digital luggage scale can make sure that you avoid nasty excess baggage costs at the check in counter. Most airline carriers will allow approximately 20kgs for one checked bag, however, each airline is different and they will have their own weight restrictions. Having the digital luggage scale with you will allow you to check the weight of your bags before you get to the check in counter, possibly resulting in additional and excessive fees if you exceed their limits. Also, from experience, waiting for your luggage at the carousel and being greeted with the sight of a bright green ‘heavy load’ warning tag, is enough to make you reconsider claiming your bag. Especially when you were only away for two days on a weekend trip to Adelaide from Melbourne. Perhaps if I had invested in the digital luggage scale BEFORE this trip, I’d have thought to split the weight between my hand luggage and suitcase, thus avoiding the slightly judgmental glances from my welcoming committee.


  1. Packing Cubes.

4 packing cubes

Simple but effective. Instead of having all your clothes heaped into the main compartment of your luggage and rifling through to find a top or a spare pair of clean socks, invest in a set of packing cubes. Separate the clothes on your itinerary into categories such as T-shirts, Pyjamas and underwear and allocate those items into one packing cube. They come in different colours too, which can help in identifying the contents without opening each cube. The bonus of having packing cubes for all your clothes, when you’re asked to open your bag by a customs official for a random security check, its less likely that your underwear (or other unmentionables) will come flying out of your over packed suitcase in an embarrassing, tumbling mess.


  1. All In One Utility Charger/ Travel Adaptor.

5 Utility drive

It’s the one item that I always manage to forget when I’m packing for my own holidays. Or worse, I do pack it and then I get to my destination and realise I’ve packed in the WRONG ADAPTOR FOR THAT COUNTRY. Sigh! Having a Universal Travel Adaptor has sorted this problem out for me. Add one of these to your next itinerary and regardless of what country you’re travelling through, with just a few adjustments to your adaptor, you’re good to go! Having a utility charger is also highly recommended. When you’re short on power outlets, the utility charger will allow you to still charge a few devices at the one time. I would, however, recommend not over doing it with the electronics plugged in and running at the one time. Being plunged into darkness in a hotel room in Venice, because me and the two girlfriends I was travelling with, were all using hair dryers at the same time, is not an experience I’m likely to forget quickly. Dio Mio!!! Lucky for us, the hotel concierge was more amused by our pyjama-clad hysterical selves, trying to explain our predicament, then he was angry at the fact that we’d short circuited his switch board.


  1. Hair straightener.

6 hair straightener

Remember to pack in your hair straightener. Most hotel rooms will supply a hair dryer, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a complimentary hair straightener while travelling. If you’re concerned about the space in your luggage, loads of retailers have thought of that too and you can bring a travel sized hair straightener with you instead of your full sized device. (Considering how many group photos and selfie-pics you will end up in while on holiday, you will want to be able to look your best. The VS Sasson pocket rocket mini pro straightener is my go to for travel hair care. The version in this link has the added bonus of being a Power of Pink product supporting breast cancer research through Breast Cancer Network Australia.


  1. Portable Speakers

7 speakers

Without music life would be a mistake – Friedrich Nietzsche. I couldn’t agree with this statement more. And being able to enjoy your music choices in the company of friends, just makes even more sense. Picture how floating down the river in an inflatable tube with some beers and your travel buddies would be made all the more relaxing with some of your favourite tunes adding to the ambiance. Having access to music and being able to share this with friends, is my travel technology ‘must have’. After all, the songs you hear while travelling, will stay with you forever. Months after you arrive home, you’ll be driving to work one Monday morning, grumpy and angry at the world, and hear a piece of music that will bring you back to that specific moment in time. That time when you were on the adventure of a lifetime and your 9-5 was a million miles from your consciousness. Music has that kind of power.


  1. Camera Extender/ Selfie stick or a 360 Spherical Camera.

8 360 camera

The selfie stick has been around and in most people’s electronics inventories for a while now, they’ve quick become a staple everyone seems to have out the front of iconic landmarks waving haphazardly in the air above our heads. I’d suggest just being mindful of the type of Camera Extender you go for, after accidentally vacuuming up the (tiny) remote that came with my selfie stick, if I was to buy another one, I’d opt for the type with the button built into the handle. Or you could go for this top of the range selfie stick, with in built wind machine.

The newer item to have at your disposal for a really unique photo opportunity is the 360 Spherical camera. Take truly unique images of all your holiday adventures. When looking back later, it will feel like you’re still there.

  1. Noise cancelling headphones.

9 headphones

These are a must have for all travelers itineraries. Regardless of if you simply want to be able to drown out the roaring sounds of the plane’s engines (or that crying baby you’ve been seated next to), or if you use them to block out the city noise to help you get to sleep at night, make sure you have a good pair of noise cancelling headphones in your carry-on luggage. Kogan have a great selection to choose from, Alternatively the Bose QC35 Headphones, available at JB HI-FI, come highly recommended for sound quality and comfort.


  1. Inflatable Travel Bag – Keep Your Wine Safe.

10 inflatable wine pouch


Finally on this list of items to add a little more luxury to your next trip invest in the Inflatable Travel Bag. Need I say more? It’s a safety travel pouch for your wine or other alcohols purchased that come in a glass bottle. Arriving home and realising that the bottle of Spanish wine you purchased has been smashed to smithereens and everything else in your bag is now stained red, can be quite devastating.

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