7 reasons why online shopping is good for you

1. You don’t have to deal with traffic 
Aside from the obvious frustration of chewing up valuable shopping time stuck on choked-up roadways, it has been proven that traffic is bad for your brain. Scientists have shown that exhaust fumes from cars and trucks exact a ‘measurable toll on mental capacity, intelligence and emotional stability’.

2. It makes price comparison a cinch
It goes without saying that bagging a bargain is good for the soul. With online, you have all the resources you need to compare prices right there at your fingertips. With a few deft clicks of a mouse, you can ascertain whether the ‘sale of the century’ is really more of a king-size con.

3. You get to avoid the perils of shopping trolley rage
It’s not just the roads you have to be wary of these days – retail rage is real! Once upon a time, shopping trolleys were just innocent vessels for the transportation of goods, now they’re being hijacked by bloody-minded bargain hunters as weapons of mass destruction.

4. Remembering your credit card number keeps neurons firing
It comes back to the old adage – ‘use it or lose it’. Research has shown that those who lead a ‘mentally active’ lifestyle have better brain health and are actually less likely to develop dementia in the long-term.

5. You get to experience the retail high twice 
The concept of ‘retail therapy’ isn’t just empty folklore – it’s based on the happy hormones released when one derives pleasure from the act of shopping. With online, you get to experience it twice – first, when you nab the item of choice and then when you receive it in the mail.

6. You don’t have to put up with pushy sales staff
Sales staff are there to move products. Not to be your friend. When they say you look fab in that micro-mini you wouldn’t ordinarily be caught dead in, they don’t mean it. They’ve been trying to sell those rotten things for months and caught you in a moment of weakness.

7. You are less likely to get caught in retail ‘traps’
Ever wondered why it’s virtually impossible to get in and out of IKEA in a hurry? Or why you go to the supermarket with the best of intentions but still come out with a Snickers and a magazine you didn’t mean to buy? There is a whole science dedicated to designing store layouts that lure you into impulse purchasing. Spare your wallet and shop online!

So go forth and wield that credit card with pride – for the sake of your sanity, your health and your wealth…

What about you? Have you used any creative excuses to justify your online expenditure?

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  1. Sohana April 15, 2016 at 6:27 am

    Nice to see the good stuff in favor of online shopping. From your blog I realize that I am also scared of bad traffic as well as attitude of sales staff. Another two reasons i feel are important such as seeing whether the url has got https for secure online shopping and comparison – you can easily compare the product online for a great bargain.

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