Exercise Gadgets: Get Fit or Look Cool Trying

Who needs a gym when you’ve got gadgets? Ok, you should still get to the gym but here we feature some cool gizmos that will keep you fit and focused, from the pool to the bed. Yes, some consider sleep a form of exercise too.  

FitBit Flex (Fitness Bracelet)

Looking for some extra motivation? Chart your progress with the FitBit Flex activity tracker bracelet. Track how many calories you’ve burned, steps you’ve walked and how your heart is holding up. The information syncs wirelessly to your device so you can check your performance through an app on your phone. Too easy. Now you just need to hit the treadmill. The FitBit Flex even monitors how well you’ve slept and comes with a vibrating alarm system to wake you up for your run. So no excuses.

Connected Cycle Smart Pedal

Launching soon, the smart pedal from Connected Cycle is set to turn some wheels in the cycling industry. More than just a tracker for the sports pro, monitoring stats like speed, route, incline and calories burned on each ride, it also acts as an anti-theft device should your bike fall prey to dodgy pedlars. Using GPS location technology, an alert is sent through an app if someone steals your bike and shows you where to find it.  

SmartMat Yoga Mat

Available in August 2015, the SmartMat Yoga Mat is smarter than the average yoga mat. It’s responsive, portable and designed to make it easier to start, improve and refine your yoga practice. Using advanced sensor technology, the SmartMat tracks when you’re out of alignment and gives you verbal, real-time feedback on how to correct your poses. Yes, it talks to you. Now you want one. The technology also syncs to your device through an app. So what are you waiting for, pre-order today and you could have a talking yoga mat in your hands in no time.


This might not fall under the usual list of exercise gadgets, but I like to consider the effort of lifting fork to mouth an exertion of effort. And if you’re anything like me, portion control might be ‘an issue’ you struggle to reign in. Well lookey what we have here. The HAPIfork is a gadget that helps you reduce your eating pace. The sensors notify you through tiny vibrations when you’re ‘speeding’. It also tracks eating duration, the amount and intervals of ‘fork servings’ per minute. All data works with an app and is transferred using a mini USB. And fear not HAPIforkers, the ‘brain’ of the HAPIfork can be removed from the body for safe washing.

Finis Neptune

Do you find music helps you get into your stride when running, or motivates you to pedal that little bit faster? Well now you can enjoy the same with every stroke in the pool. The Finis Neptune is secured onto swimming goggles and uses bone conduction audio to relay music to the user’s ears, without the need for ear buds. Freaky but true. The device also makes music louder and clearer when submerged underwater and comes with built-in 4GB storage space, rechargeable eight hour battery and OLED screen with music controls. Pretty splashial. 

Sensoria Fitness Socks

Dubbed “the smarter way to run”, these high-tech fitness socks from Sensoria feature pressure sensors that track your foot landing, running form, pace, distance, speed, and more. Yep that’s right. Your socks do all that. Then you can link them up to your smartphone with an app so you can track your progress and be provided with real-time feedback during your run, through audio and video cues. Who’d have thought your dirty socks would turn out to be so damn useful?

Visijax Commuter Jacket

Now the high-vis jacket might not be the coolest look you’ve ever pulled off, but let’s face it, if it makes you visible it can save your life. Any serious cyclist needs to give the Visijax Commuter Jacket equally serious consideration. Equipped with 23 high-intensity LED lights on the front and back of the jacket for visibility, and turn indicators that activate when you raise your arm, this is the jacket for bike enthusiasts. In addition, the special Teflon fabric is waterproof and operates by touch thanks to a rechargeable USB lithium ion 30 hour battery. 

S+ Sleep Tracker

Need some insight into why you’re not getting a sound night’s sleep? Check out the S+ Sleep Tracker that collects data without requiring body contact. Simply place it by the side of the bed and it’ll monitor your breathing patterns, chest movements, environment conditions and more. Of course, as any good gadget should, it syncs with your smartphone to provide tailored feedback, including sleep conditions in the bedroom (light, noise and temperature) and tips on how to improve your sleep routineWith this sleep tracker by your side, you’ll wake up restored, rejuvenated and revved up for the early morning workout. Well maybe not the latter.

With gizmos galore on the market, you won’t find yourself stuck for ideas to get you running the tready or making a splash in the pool. If you’ve got some other cool suggestions, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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