10 Tools To Make School Lunches Fun

It’s over a month into the new school year and the cheese and vegemite routine is starting to wear a bit thin. And there are only so many carrot sticks you can cut before they start to play cameos in your nightmares. If you’re already feeling bored with the school lunches you’re preparing, the chances are your little one is too.

It doesn’t help that schools are getting ever more prescriptive about what gets the green light for lunchbox inclusion. No packaged food, no sweets, no white bread, no jam… With the Lunchbox Police weighing in more heavily than ever before on what’s in and what’s out of the box, creative school lunch ideas are harder than ever to come by. So we’ve decided to throw you a lifeline with these 10 quirky gadgets to make school lunches more fun (and keep you on the right side of the Lunchbox Law Committee!).

1. You say spaghetti, I say vegetti!
Who says spaghetti straps are just for pasta? Turn any kind of firm vegetable – like carrot, zucchini, radish or cucumber – into fun spaghetti-like pieces with the Gefu Spirelli Duo Spiral Slicer from Howards Storage World. Serve as standalone snacks or as part of a salad in an airtight container for long lasting freshness.
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2. Put a new twist on apple
Uncut apples are a bit too much like hard work and apple wedges are just so 2014. Give the humble apple new appeal by putting it through the Twisted Apple Peeler. Sprinkle some lemon juice on your twisted apple to prevent browning, wrap it with some Glad Wrap and you’re good to go! Available online from Lime Tree Kids.
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3. Give sandwiches a unique stamp
These nifty little sandwich stamps turn ordinary sandwiches into cute star, round or flower shapes with stamps that give them the face of a frog, bear or rabbit. They will cut through ham, cheese and thinly sliced veggies with ease. Throw the offcuts into a blender to make fresh breadcrumbs so the extra bread doesn’t go to waste.
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4. Create your own ‘fruit-amals’
Create mini animals out of melon fruits with these little shape cutters, available through Amazon. You can also use them on things like carrot, cheese and ham. Who knows, you might even be able to use them to entice the kids to make their own lunch! (Hello, extra morning coffee…)
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5. Keep it cool in style
Gone are the days of lukewarm ham sangas and salmonella salads for school lunches. Now, with lots of insulated lunchbox options and funky little ice packs like these ones by Stephen Joseph, anything that needs to be kept at fridge temperature is free game.
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6. Pop in an ice pop
Trying to keep an icy pole frozen in the lunchbox might be a little ambitious but these silicon ice pop moulds can be used to keep yoghurt or smoothies cool. Throw them in the freezer the night before and they should be thawed and ready to go by lunchtime.
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7. Boiled egg-celence
Boiled eggs no longer have to be round. Yep, that’s right – even eggs can be turned into animals these days! Simply peel the egg and place it in the mould while it’s still hot and let it cool into a cute little character.
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8. Chew chew! All aboard the train sandwich…
A train, dinosaur, dolphin, elephant… sandwiches can take on a whole new dimension with a bit of imagination and these sandwich shape cutters from Trendy Little Treats.
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9. Take the pain out of pineapple cutting
Pineapples can be tough little suckers to cut. This handy pineapple peeler and corer takes the hassle out of cutting, while making a finished product that’s much more fun to eat! Store in an airtight container or wrap in Glad Wrap for lasting freshness in the lunchbox.
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10. Say it with pancakes
Some creative mums like to put little post-it notes in their kids’ lunchboxes to send a little personal message during the day. With this pancake pen from Tovolo, you could take it to the next level and write something with pancakes! If you’re not feeling quite that adventurous, a simple star or sun will still make for a fun little lunchbox addition.
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How do you keep lunchbox boredom from setting in? Tell us your top lunch tips in the comments section below.


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