How to Create A Blissful Bathroom

The bathroom is an important room of the house, particularly when it comes to selling your house, hosting guests and or even just finding a space to relax! For many of us, a bathroom renovation may not be an option right now, so here are five quick and easy bathroom makeover ideas that will ensure your bathroom remains the place to pamper yourself and your family. 


1. Keep it calm

The colour palette of your bathroom is a key consideration when searching for that calm and serene feeling. If this is the feel you’re going for, opt for a light-based colour palette and avoid any striking bold hues and patterns. For an open and airy feel, choose colours like white, ivory and cream that have a warm base, combined with light timber features and plush soft towels. This combination is ideal for a restful and blissful experience. 

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2. Keep things consistent

To keep things feeling clean and balanced, aim for consistency in tapware and hardware finishes. A simple update of your handles, hooks, taps and hardware will instantly add a luxe feel to your space. Whether it’s a metallic chrome, brass or black powder-coated finish, consistency in style and colour in hardware is the key to achieving a polished look.

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3. Reduce clutter

A messy, disorganised bathroom is not an inviting space to unwind, so clutter needs to be kept to a minimum! To do this, reduce the number of items you have on display; whether it be on your benchtop, windowsill, the edges of your bath or above your toilet. To begin, any items that you do not use on a daily basis should be stored away, either in existing bathroom storage or altogether in another room. Most bathrooms are small and compact so any storage available becomes hot property! Any items that do not serve a regular purpose in your bathroom routine should be relocated to a new home. 

For the remaining items, invest in smart storage solutions including wall hooks, shelves and towel racks. For small spaces, the best storage options are those that can hide items behind closed doors. This will minimise the appearance of clutter that can been seen by open storage. Other great options include floating storage (anything that you can hang on your wall or behind your door) to amplify the feeling of space, as well as reconfiguring the shelves of your existing storage options. Consider whether you are currently maximising the best use of space in your bathroom. Can you improve it with baskets, drawers and alternate shelving options inside your existing cupboards?

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4. Accessorise

For a touch of luxury, invest in quality accessory products. Consider organic liquid soaps now available in beautiful bottles and jars to display on your benchtop. Also, consider soft plush towels that you can display rolled up, as you would find in high-end hotels. And don’t forget the scented candle that can add another level of ambience with a beautiful aroma and calming properties.  

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5. Keep it fresh

Keep your bathroom feeling fresh, open and airy by ensuring it is always well ventilated. Open all windows in the bathroom and ensure you have a good fan installed. In addition, a charming small potted plant or a sweet bouquet of flowers in a glass vase will add a touch of elegance to your bathroom to make every occasion feel special. 

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With a few simple changes, you can turn your bathroom into a blissful haven where you can allow yourself and your family to be indulged!

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