Online Shopping is just better! Period!

Sure, there are some positives to the traditional style of shopping… Going to the mall and wandering around the numerous shop fronts, trying on items and seeing how they look before buying them. Considering if the garment suits your body shape, if the colour suits your skin tone and if the material falls nicely etc. But then we have surmounting reasons, listed below, why online shopping is all in all, a more satisfying retail experience.


  1. Not having to find a car park.


There’s not much worse then the idea of spending time out of your day hunting for a car park. Those minutes wasted driving mindlessly around dimly lit and narrow shopping centre car parks or stalking people as they walk back to their cars, is precious. Moments of your life ticking by, as you become more frustrated searching for somewhere to park.

And if you’re anything like me, you try park in the same place each time, because every time you’ve ended up parking somewhere different, you’ve spent at least an additional 20 minutes trying to locate your parked car once you’ve finished shopping. Unnecessary stress that can be completely avoided by shopping from the comfort of your living room.


  1. Not having to get out of your pyjamas.


The main reason most people go to the shops is because they’ve run out of clothes to wear and need to buy new clothes. Simple and straightforward. And by ‘run out of clothes’, this can be anything from “all my clothes are currently in the wash” or the age old “wardrobe full of garments and I’ve nothing to wear”. The idea of having to pick an outfit out of the clothes I’m already disinterested in wearing, to go buy new clothes, is enough to make me postpone the entire journey for days. Completely counter productive.

If I had clothes that I didn’t mind being seen in public wearing, then I really wouldn’t need to go shopping in the first place.


  1. Not having to wander past 50 shops or clothes racks you don’t want before finding the one you do.


The lay out and configuration of shopping centres is to group similar and often-competing retailers side by side. However we all have our own tastes and styles and often are stuck walking around shops with odd and confusing lay outs or finally spotting a cute top in the colour that matches our skin tone to realise that our size has sold out.

Shopping online allows us to filter products from our favourite retailers by design, size and colour. Which begs the question… why would we ever waste our time going to shops in the first place?

True the idea of being able to physically interact with the item we’re purchasing BEFORE spending our money on it is a huge draw card… but that’s why they’ve invented FREE RETURNS! Look for retailers offing this the next time your shopping online.


  1. Not having to deal with crowds and the family who decide to walk side by side taking up the whole corridor at grandmas pace so no one can get around them.


This one might not cause everyone distress… but there is simply nothing more frustrating for me, than getting stuck behind a slow walker who’s mind is off with the fairies and there’s no way of getting around them.

I’m almost willing to bet that there are others out there that would like to see the installation of slow and fast lanes at the shopping centre. It works at swimming pools for example, each person free to go at their own pace. I see no reason why we can’t try this at the shops.




  1. Not having to walk back and forth between the stores, rather being able to compare items from different retailers instantly by switching between tabs instead.


So it’s winter and your coat from last season is broken, doesn’t fit and/or is no longer in style and you’re looking to replace it. This can often mean walking back and forth between shops for hours while you decide which of the 100’s of coats on sale will be the better purchase. Or… you could buy online.

Switching between tabs on your computer or smart phone is such a time saver and lets face it… who these days, has any time to waste? Our schedules are already jam packed and stretched thin between work, family and meeting friends for brunch on the weekend, as it is.

  1. Not having to deal with sales assistants who spray the latest samples of toilet freshener smelling fragrances on you without your consent.


The perfume section of department stores is a minefield of slightly bored sales assistants who getting sick of being ignored all day, leap out at you from behind sales racks and spritz you with the “newest and greatest” fragrance that they are struggling to sell.

Not the best sales technique in all honesty and I, for one, am looking forward to the day when we can search fragrances online and smell them while we browse. Something that they scientist in Richie Rich would have made possible perhaps?

  1. Not being harassed by the perky sales assistants who have been stuck behind the counter for 4 hours with minimal human interaction who want to talk to you about their day and inevitably ask you “how’s the weather outside?”


I think this last one is my all time pet hate: benign retail assistant chatter… There really is no one question that sums up how disinterested a person is, in selling you their merchandise, then “please tell me what the outside world is doing! I’ve been stuck inside for so long, I’m beginning to forget what sun feels like!” AKA: “How’s the weather outside?”

Sales assistants are forced to talk to customers; they don’t actually think that top looks ‘just darling, so cute on you’ …we all know this! By getting you into conversation and becoming friendly with you, research shows you’re more likely to make a purchase, however, where something is forced, it can also have the repelling effect.

For example, I walked into a store once, after coming in from the car park where it was just beginning to rain, and seeing that my light grey jumper was splattered with dark grey raindrops, the sales actually guy asked me, “is it raining outside?” …My interest in remaining in the store instantly plummeted and I walked out soon after without making the purchase I’d gone in for in the first place. Mumbling to myself… I’ll just buy it online.




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