5 Easy Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

As we find ourselves spending more time indoors, comfort in the home becomes an important consideration to keep in mind as we get ourselves organised. Here are five ways to prepare your home this winter.

1. Cosy up your bed

The cooler weather makes the morning ritual a lot harder as we find ourselves spending more time in bed! So why not cosy up in bed with these easy quick changes:

  • Choose a flannel sheet set to add extra warmth into your bed and help retain your body heat while snuggled underneath.
  • Layer your bed with textured blankets, throws and a fluffy doona. Not only will this make your bed ooze comfort and style, it will appear all the more inviting and intimate (making the morning ritual even more impossible!). 
  • Choose a calm and soothing colour palette of muted, soft tones like pale pink, stone, taupe and cream. 
Source: The Design Hunter

Source: The Design Hunter

2. Get your windows ready

You may not realise it, but a lot of heat is lost through your windows. So choosing appropriate covers is essential for the cooler months. If you only have blinds or shutters covering your windows it may be worthwhile to invest in heavier curtains for winter. Hang up some rails and choose a set of block out blinds that will help retain the heat in your home.

Source: The Falling Kind

Source: The Falling Kind

3. Dress up the fireplace

Entertaining at home changes its focus in the cooler months, as we migrate from the outdoors to inside, and usually to the fireplace, if we have one. If this is the case in your home, now’s the time the prepare your mantlepiece to be the centre of attention at your next gathering. 

  • Avoid making your TV the focal point and invest in a piece of art to hang above the fireplace to influence the conversation. 
  • Decorate with candles, vessels and objects in muted colours to create a winter themed palette above the fireplace. 
  • Pick up a few wicker baskets or create a stylish shelving system to display your essential firewood. Even if your fireplace is only decorative, a collection of log pieces always looks beautiful and rustic, adding to your home’s casual, cosy vibe for winter. 

Left: My Paradissi, Right: Real Simple

Left: My Paradissi, Right: Real Simple

4. Choose softer lighting options

The winter season means we have less light available during the day. So we need to ensure that our homes offer adequate lighting to keep us feeling warm and cosy throughout. Where possible, try not to rely too much on overhead lighting such as down lights. To create a more inviting space, introduce a few floor and table lamps for pockets of ambient lighting that will allow you to snuggle up into the corner of your sofa with a hot drink or cosy up underneath your bedsheets with a good book. To really illuminate your space with that cosy winter feel, dot your home with fresh, nutty scented candles to bring the aroma of nature within.  

Source: Skonahem

Source: Skonahem

5. Invest in rugs

Keep your feet warm this winter with suitable flooring options, especially in places where there are timber floors, tiles or concrete. When you wake in the morning and first anchor your feet to the ground, wouldn’t it be indulgent to wriggle your toes in fur rather than the cold surface of timber? Be indulgent and introduce rugs in the bathroom, at the base of your favourite armchair and even underneath your office desk, ie. anywhere your feet connect with the ground! 

Source: Hommemaker

Source: Hommemaker

What other ways do you have planned to warm up your home this winter?

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