What *NOT* to Buy Mum for Mother’s Day

Rather than put up a post on all the traditional gift ideas you should consider for your well-deserving mother this Mother’s Day, we thought we’d tackle the issue of what NOT to buy your Mum. You may think the present you have in mind is full of kind intentions, but let us enlighten you.

It’s the one day of the year to show her how much she means to you. Not set her up for the next 364 to serve your needs with a new household appliance, or imply she needs to take better care of herself with the latest fad diet book. So heed the advice that follows and avoid these common pitfalls:

The Workout DVD

Yep, not the day to send the message to Mum that her body needs an overhaul. It’s your job to make her feel special on this day, so steer clear of anything that implies she’s less than perfect as she is.

Our advice: opt for a pamper package at a top-notch spa.

The Kitchen Appliance

I kid you not, someone in our office bought his Mum a spatula for Christmas. I dread to think what’s on the cards for her this Mother’s Day – an apron?! My Mum would use this as a weapon against me if I tried to dress this up with a bow and pass it off as a well thought out present.

Our advice: take her out for a slap-up meal instead.

The Floor Cleaning Slippers 

Just no. Not even in pink.

Our advice: a pedicure and foot massage might go down a little better.

The Ironing Board Cover

Nothing tells Mum how much she means to you more than an ironing board cover, right? WRONG! Wrap this idea up for Mother’s Day and it’s a safe bet the steam won’t be coming out of the iron.

Our advice: buy her something new for the wardrobe, that doesn’t need ironing.

The Self-improvement Fund

Steer clear of this gift idea if you value parts of your own anatomy. There’s never a good time to suggest your Mum needs to make some improvements when it comes to her appearance, least of all Mother’s Day. 

Our advice: organise a photoshoot to show Mum you love her, laughter lines and all.

The Thrill-seekers Experience

Now be honest, this is more of a present for you than it is for Mum. Do you really see her hurtling at break-neck speed down a hill and getting some sort of thrill out of it? Maybe she’s an out-there kinda Mum, but chances are the padded orb won’t be enough to soften the blow of this gift idea.

Our advice: err on the side of caution, and perhaps opt for a different kind of thrill with our other gift experience ideas.

The Lazy Gift

C’mon now, this is the “I forgot it was Mother’s Day” or “I’m too tight-arse to buy you an actual present” gift idea. While the ‘hug coupon’ may have worked back when you were a kid, your Mum should be getting a hug whatever day of the year it is.

Our advice: scrap the coupon and give the hug when you hand over her real gift.

Just one last bit of advice – try to allow time for a trip to the shops to buy your Mum a card. Nothing says “I didn’t give enough time or thought to it being Mother’s Day” like an e-card.

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  1. D April 29, 2015 at 3:20 am

    Today is my sons birthday, after the last 2 years of white dinner set, knife block, glasses and another white dinner set, I am tempted to wrap his real present up in a household appliance box as he has just bought a house!

  2. Jane May 19, 2015 at 6:06 am

    Where’s the equivalent article for Father’s Day?

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